Posted on: 30 January, 2020

Author: Mimi Brusa

Kids love ride-on toys (and so do I) and some of the best of them are amazing replicas of real-life John Deere farm machinery. Now, you may be wondering what the history is behind the John Deere ride-on toys for children, so here are some tidbits to give you a better idea about that company and its beginnings. The company Peg Perego is a manufacturer of John Deere ride-on toys. Peg Perego is an Italian manufacturer of toys and other juvenile products with offices in Italy (home office) Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. The company was founded back in 1949 and has its headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN. At the company's inception, it has been all about family, and it's still quite evident in all of the products that they're creating today. From ride-on vehicles for kids to baby items, the company is making products that are designed in mind for bringing comfort, joy, and safety to families worldwide. Peg Perego is extremely proud of its tradition; however, they're constantly pushing for the development of products that are new and innovative for making life easier for their customers while also reflecting Italy's utmost in sophisticated trends. Every single step in that ongoing process, from engineering to production and then to the shipping, is expertly carried out by Peg Perego and nobody else. This kind of production ensures their customers are getting only top quality products.  From rural areas to urban to suburban, and from stylized comfort to on-the-go features, there's a product that's just right for you and your family, as well as your lifestyle. The 70s were a very important time for innovation when Peg Perego introduced their first ride-on vehicles for children. That's when the company produced its first 6-volt products in 1970 and its sealed gel-cell battery a few years later in 1975. Then the 1980s ushered in a decade that would see the start of a booming kids' riding vehicles industry. 1n 1982, the company introduced the world's first 12-volt/2-speed system that went from 2.5 to 5 MPH. Fast forward to today and 12-volt ride-on vehicles for children are the most popular and have become the industry standard, especially Peg Perego's John Deere ride-on vehicles for children. They're available in tractors of all sizes, ground loaders, Gator XUVs, Excavator Shovel/Diggers,  three-wheel trucks with trailers, mini power loaders, and so much more. And, they're all suitable for kids age three and up. So, now that you know a little something about the people behind those amazing John Deere Ride-On Toys for Children, why not surprise your little one with one of his or her own. That big smile when you present one of these amazing toys will stay with you forever. Let's face it. Kids love riding toys, and everybody loves John Deere! And, these ride-on toys are both safe and educational to boot. Source: Free Articles from Mimi Brusa loves ride-on toys just as much as children.  She loves the outdoors, fishing, walking in the woods, four-wheeling, and lounging in her yard.  She has a website wholly devoted to ride on toys for the family at